a digital platform supporting clinical

MyPL, a digital platform supporting clinical decision making in cancer treatment & improving the treatment journey for patients.

MyPL brings a revolutionary approach in cancer treatment, structuring & enhancing clinical data available to the Multidisciplinary medical team.
MyPL adds considerable value, saves time and brings efficiency in the process of treating cancer. With its proprietary Machine Learning algorithms, MyPL is set to optimize clinical research and fight cancer.

Our vision

Dedicated to cancer patients, leading with innovation

Our mission

Bringing efficiency and effectiveness in cancer care pathways and leverage the level of details from every clinical discipline involved in cancer treatment.

Our values

Determined to act Responsibly

Aware of the critical role MyPL solutions will play tomorrow in cancer treatment, we make sure to handle data with outmost care and transparency, ensuring a flawless, secure & GDPR compliant utilization of clinical data.
We remain devoted to earn the trust of our clients and all clinical professionals so they can perform in the best possible way.

Guided by Innovation

We pursue creative solutions to improve cancer treatment processes and have a measurable impact on the fight against cancer. Machine Learning is among the many proprietary approaches we have. Working hand-in-hand with clinical experts helps us comprehend and focus on their needs & improve our solutions portfolio. All of our solutions are co-designed with the help of renowned clinical teams in Europe (and shortly in the USA), all eager to improve patient management and set the outmost level of quality of care.

Value Teamwork

We rely on teamwork, diversity & are convinced that the best work is delivered not by individuals but by enjoying collaboration as a team, all dedicated towards creating the best-in-class solutions for experts & patients. Today, MyPL relies on the expertise of dedicated professionals, as well as valuable technological partnerships to deploy our solution across Europe & North America.

Our ethics

our ethics

We at MyPL consider it is our outmost responsibility to develop powerful solutions that create the best environment for all stakeholders to work together in a secure environment, driven by quality workflows.

MyPL solutions are developed with the strict observance of European laws regarding GDPR (as well as North American HIPAA standards) and the managing of health data. All of which are secured and anonymized in order to comply with highest standards one should expect from a certified Medical Device (MD). Our Data Protection Officer, who oversees our developments with customers, has been involved with healthcare for over more than 20 years. Third party companies with whom we are working manage security / cybesecurity issues with scrutiny.

Our governance is focused on providing the best-in-class solutions, compliant with the environment all stakeholders are working in.

our ethics