Allow cancer professionals to go beyond traditional risk assessment models thanks to our automated digital solutions and data science capable of leveraging the quality of clinical data generated for every cancer patient and cancer type.


Delivering optimal care to cancer patients

Improving efficiency and gaining knowledge through data intelligence in order to gain a deep understanding of every cancer type and associated disorders / comorbidities impacting every patient.


Fostering patient’s assessment and diagnosis

Enabling clinicians to go beyond conventional assessment models and time-consuming diagnosis through digital technology and to discover new clinical pathways to cure cancer by matching patient clinical profiles with available, leading therapeutical pathways.


Improving the efficiency of precision therapy

At MyPL we are determined to increase access to more accurate and less costly risk assessment methods and to avoid time consuming procedures and inefficient interventions.


Unlocking the Power of Machine Learning in cancer treatment process

We are convinced with the decisive impact of precision therapy in cancer treatments.
We are determined to bring efficiency and required technologies capable of managing needed data, supporting decisions and treatments tailored to every single individual patient.