Much ado about TBM sessions

Tumor Board Meetings (also known as Clinical Board Meetings or Team based Care…) allow oncological experts everywhere in the world to address patients with cancer disease, in order to better assess their diagnostic & define which best treatment(s) shall be prioritized in order to cure them, or at least alleviate pain.


All patient profiles are included in TBMs, from pediatric, adults, to (nowadays) even elderly persons (i.e. older than 85 years old).


Besides often being mandatory, TBMs are an important moment when data is shared & analyzed between practitioners.


Each giving his/her “specialty eye”, from an oncological, surgical, radiological, pathological, clinical trials’… perspective.


It takes on average 3 hours for a TBM session to proceed & to screen every case study and decide of their clinical faith.


No wonder TBMs are quite often perceived as very stressful & tiring by those who manage and/or attend them.
Still, every actor in the room strives to give all of their best!


A recent study has shown that, as in some other economical areas of business, staff may face “burnout” issues, due to the increasing pressure (perceived or not) on their shoulders.


For that reason, TBM workflow must benefit from incremental improvements so as to enrich clinical practice.


Innovation must also be implemented in the form of new digital solutions, “custom built” for the users, bringing mobility, scalability, while securing the information (HIPAA & HDS compliance amongst many related subjects). TBMs, its experts, patients, deserve tomorrow the best in class solutions that can alleviate stress, whilst giving them an accurate / exhaustive view of their clinical situation.


Actors in the field are starting to encourage such approaches.


With MyPL, take a new perspective towards improving your TBMs, improve its workflow & organization. Without any compromise on clinical matters & security.


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