Blockchain & Smart Contract - New era of confidence for healtcare management

by Christophe Vergne, 2019-07-04

Each industrial revolution brings improvement for human healthcare: hygiene, chemistry and drugs, electricity and medical devices, genetic and information management.

Blockchain and smart contract technologies will bring to the healthcare ecosystem the confidence which was currently missing for full integration within digital health. 

Easy Definitions: Blockchain: trustable distributed database. Smart contract: virtual self-executing contractual states, stored on the blockchain.

Challenges & solution

Lack of traceability of drug information, legal or illegal drug fraud, lack of personal data safety, critical issue with genomic information, hacking high risks, lack of confidence from patients, high costs of healthcare management,…there are challenges that face healthcare process.

Today, blockchain and smart contract technologies are offering new ways to answer these challenges. Technology does exist and has been demonstrating its efficiency in finance thru the Bitcoin « experience » since 2008. As a result, data are not controlled anymore by a central organization, that’s reducing costs and preventing any act of hacking - confidence guaranteed! 


Tomorrow, drug developments, efficiency studies and authorizations, could be enhanced and traced using blockchain technology, that’s allowing full traceability and eliminating any fraud. Patient could totally secure its personal data and allow only certified confident people/organizations to access it. They even could decide to sell their medical information to pharmaceutical companies allowing deeper clinical studies and drug follow up. Drugs and medical devices vigilance could be managed and indeed improved using these technologies.

Main healthcare beneficiaries: Patients, health professionals, healthcare industry, notify bodies, health authorities...

It’s time now to prepare that real new health paradigm 

All national and international, public and private, healthcare stakeholders should not wait anymore and start preparing the blockchain revolution for healthcare. 

Last February some private companies in finance and IT already started this kind of work through the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

Important date for healthcare is The Healthcare Blockchain Summit in Washington next March 20-21st, 2017.