An outstanding clinical promise

We develop an innovative patient dashboard designed for the healthcare professionals, integrating validated clinically shared health data; we build trust between all stakeholders, from complementary expertise, while trace every decision for utmost transparency.

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Our solution

MyPL has designed a very innovative patient dashboard to help healthcare professionals in cancer get access to structured & clinically validated patient information & define the proper diagnostic & treatment proposition scheme for their patients. We call it augmented personalized medicine, bringing new solutions to strengthen medical decisions through artificial intelligence. Among the many features provided by our solution, MyPL delivers alerts, drug interactions & even a semi-automated management of clinical trials, providing a match between inclusion / exclusion criteria & patient profile.

Our solution uses proprietary algorithms (machine learning compiled using validated clinical health data sets) to enhance user decision by improving their understanding of a patient's clinical status. Beyond our own developments, MyPL is also set to manage in addition the best AIs (developed by leading companies around the world in that field, with an ethically supervised result).

Besides clinical benefits, MyPL also considerably improves Tumor Board Meetings / Team-Based care Meetings' (or TBM) workflow within any hospital site. This is particularly strong as we rely on analytics to assess gains in performance, versus past situations. Allowing all stakeholders to understand where the focus should be. Our solution gives visibility to anticipate future revenues & associated structural resources.


Why is it so great ?

Our approach is to generate a complete overview of the patient, exhaustive while comprehensible, only from qualitative clinical data sets. Renowned KOLs & medical stakeholders have given us their thoughts about the best possible tool to address TBM workflow. So we have come up with MyPL, designed by & for the clinicians!

Our R&D team has already developed a semi-automatic patient focus solution (to better manage patient workflow during any TBM session), computer-enhanced structured dashboards (using a 3D representation of the patient's cancer(s)), and a powerful App to assess compatibility and decide of inclusion/exclusion patients with clinical trials. In the months to come, MyPL will bring new machine learning solutions to enhance patient understanding, leaving the experts with a wider array of valuable information to make up their choices.

Why is it so great ?

Our solution helps organizations gain significant time during Tumor Board Meetings (TBM) in oncology. Tomorrow, MYPL wants to become the leading solution towards an integrated network of hospitals, experts, to address the growing need of tele-expertise, everywhere required on the globe, for every patient in oncology.

Technological partners

MYPL has built over the past months a strong ecosystem to insure that the promises it makes (in terms of quality, security, traceability, intelligence...) are fully met. As such, we are partnering with actors that provide scalable & stable worldwide solutions :

Architecture & Back-end/Front-end developments

MyPL has designed both it's architecture & associated high-end services to best address GDPR, HDS & HIPAA compliance & security issues.
We have consulted extensively with international experts in order to build a scalable, stable & secure solution that may be deployed in any hospital premises.


Thanks to our worldwide partnership, we will be able to address our needs with the best-in-class solution to get access to non-structured & already structured data sets.
Allowing MyPL to reach outmost performances.

Blockchain & Security

In the months to come, MyPL will implement an innovative approach to TBMs, allowing all stakeholders to work in highly qualitative environment.
We will deploy our blockchain solution in order to reach such high standard goals together with our customers.


MyPL has interviewed more than 50 doctors & medical stakeholders in oncology, in order to best assess what solution they could implement in order to diagnose & treat cancer patients.
We have used the insights from our 2 partners in UX/UI approaches to design our solution, both on the backend & frontend side.

PI & Innovation

Already in 2019, MyPL has started it's program in R&D in order to promote its findings in the field of Machine Learning, Architecture & Design, the 3 pillars of our solution.

Meet our team

Christophe VERGNE

Christophe VERGNE

CEO & Associate

More than 25 years in the Healthcare sector. 

Managing Director in international medical device and in vitro diagnostics companies - DAKO, MENARINI Diagnostics, MINDRAY... Previously General Secretary at SIDIV, French In Vitro Diagnostic organization, promoting industry innovation  -  Master in Molecular Biology, MBA IAE (Toulouse)

Jean-Alexandre KAMINISKY

Jean-Alexandre KAMINISKY

COO & Associate

More than 20 years in the Healthcare sector.

Managing Director in companies developing IT solutions & providing Medical Devices / IoT solutions - SAMSUNG... Developing Architecture, Machine Learning solutions & our future MyPL ecosystem  -  Executive MBA John Molson School of Business (Montreal)



Medical Advisor & Associate

Breast Pathologist at IGR (Institut Gustave Roussy).

Member of the French AFAQAP association, Vice President of the International Academy of Pathology. UniCancer affiliate & advocate of precision medecine.



Pharmacist & Associate

Clinical approach.

Eduardo has been part of the project and its "ideation" process from the start, bring a comprehensive clinical eye to our approach. Beside a growing expertise in oncology, Eduardo looks after possible approaches in Machine Learning to contribute to our MyPL solution.

Khadidiatou TOP

Khadidiatou TOP

Data scientist

Proprietary algorithms & Machine learning deployment.

Khadidiatou has joined the project to define & implement our first algorithms, allowing our solution to prioritize & automatize some key functionalities with MyPL. Khadidiatou will start her PhD in Machine learning with MyPL the next coming months.



CFO & Associate

25+ years as CFO in subsidiaries of international groups & in French private equity, including several years in the medical device industry & reporting on innovative portfolio companies in private equity. MBA EM Lyon & Cranfield School of Management

Issao UEDA

Issao UEDA

Blockchain Advisor & Business Process Manager

Issao joined the project in order to bring its expertise regarding Blockchain technology and its implementation.
He also brings his 10 year experience as a business analyst in order to create and implement MyPL's businness processes through its growth.

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